"My directors and I look forward to projects with specialty prop requirements, thereby bringing Swayze into our production team. Paul is a great example of those prop-types that we find so fascinating: Equally artistic as mathematical, aesthetically-detailed as technically-exacting. His work product is always a brilliant representation of this gift. Great at managing budgets (big and small), great at managing timelines (always short). Excellent communication. Outstanding end results."

Danielle Tedesco / Trout Films
Commercial Producer, Toronto

"... Not only is he creative, but hands-on. He was able to design and execute a perfect replica of a World War I trench system that passed muster with our stickler historians. He is invaluable..."

Mary Petryshyn, Line Producer
Yap Films

"I've had the chance to work with Swayze on two projects. On both occasions the deadlines were impossible and the budget was limited. With creativity and intense dedication, Paul not only pulled together the sets I needed, he offered a myriad of alternatives that enhanced my original vision of what the sets could be. He sourced, in five minutes, props and materials that would have taken me days to locate. In the end, when my clients walked on set and their jaws dropped, I knew we had hit the mark."

Glenn Forbes, Director, Producer
Forerunner Films